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News from Chair Control System Design


Programm der digitalen Fachtagung VDI-Mechatronik 2021

Das interessante und abwechslungsreiche Programm der digitalen Fachtagung VDI Mechatronik 2021 steht nun fest und ist online verfügbar. Das…


Navigation with uncertain map data for automated vehicles

Safe navigation is an indispensable component of automated vehicles. Due to limited computational resources and sensor range, the planning problem is…


Automatic Generation of HD Maps from Lidar and Aerial Image Data

To reach SAE automation levels 4 and 5 it is important for automated vehicles to plan far ahead into the future, even beyond the perception horizon of…


Determination of seat position, movements and relationships of drivers by a pressure sensor system

In-seat position, movements, and activities of drivers contain information about their physical as well as mental state. Tracking the driver's posture…


DLR_School_Lab TU Dort­mund entwickelt Online-Formate, um auch im Lockdown Kinder für MINT zu begeistern

Seit fast einem Jahr waren keine Schulklassen mehr im DLR_School_Lab TU Dort­mund. Da dies wohl auch in der nahen Zukunft nicht möglich sein wird,…


2-Degrees of Freedom Linear Quadratic Gaussian Position Control (2DOF LQG Control) of the Front Axle Actuator of a Steer-by-Wire Steering System

The Steer-by-Wire (SbW) steering system is a key technology for highly automated driving. For automated lateral vehicle guidance, the precise position…


Christmas greetings from the Chair of Control System Design

The Chair RST wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021 as well as stable health in this special year.


Time-Optimal Model Predictive Control for Radar-based automated Parking

Automated valet parking will make more efficient use of the existing parking capacity, and the parking process will be completed safely. During the…

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