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News from Institute of Control Theory and Systems Engineering


Iformational video for international students

Today, filming took place in the IRF robotics lab for an informational video about the bachelor's degree program in ET for international students.


Robustness Analysis of a 2-Degrees of Freedom Linear Quadratic Gaussian Position Control (2DOF LQG Control) of the Front Axle Actuator for a Steer-by-Wire Steering System

The Steer-by-Wire (SbW) steering system is a key technology for highly automated driving. For automated lateral vehicle guidance, the precise position…


Gratulation an Herrn Oeljeklaus

Wir gratulieren Herrn Oeljeklaus zu seiner erfolgreich abgeschlossenen Promotion „An Integrated Approach for Traffic Scene Understanding from…


Comparison of Real and Simulation Data on Lane Change Prediction for Highway Driving

To disburden human drivers in certain driving scenes by taking over the driving task (SAE level 2 to 4) or to release him entirely from driving (SAE…


Driving Policy Optimization

A safe and comfortable trajectory of an automated vehicle can be described implicitly by a trajectory optimization problem. Unfortunately, the…


Body pose estimation for activity and intention estimation of pedestrians

While the number of people injured and killed in road traffic inside the vehicle is decreasing every year due to technological developments in driver…


Aktive Nachgiebigkeit zur Verbesserung der physikalischen Mensch-Roboter Interaktion

Die Übergabe eines Objekts ist für Menschen ein alltäglicher und unterbewusster Vorgang.
Wir koordinieren unsere Bewegungen instinktiv und definieren…


Examination of the reference trajectory for compliance with the current driving dynamics state


The reference trajectory for automated driving functions is usually determined using planning algorithms based on simplifying assumptions about…

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