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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Lectures Bachelor (ET/IT, IKT, INF, WIng, MB)

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Control Theory (ET/IT, IKT 5. Semester)


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Introduction to Mechatronics(ET/IT 4. Semester)

Control Theory (WIng 4. Semester)

Mechanics (ET/IT 4. Semester)

Lectures Master (ET/IT, INF, A&R)

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  • Modeling and Control of Robotic Manipulators (ET/IT 3. Semester)
  • Scientific Programming in Matlab (A&R 1. Semester)
  • Data Based modeling and Optimization (ET/IT 1. Semester)
  • Modeling and System Identification (ET/IT 1. Semester)
  • Nonlinear Systems and Adaptive Control (ET/IT 3. Semester)
  • Automotive Systems II (ET/IT 3. Semester)
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