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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Monitoring and condition detection

The first prerequisite for effective interaction between driver and vehicle is the precise detection of the driver's state. A correct assessment of the driver's situational awareness, readiness to react, and needs leads to increased trust in and acceptance of the automated vehicle.

Driver state recognition is based on data collected from the driver using a driver monitoring system. The system is equipped with sensors that collect facial, behavioral, physiological and psychological data from drivers. In the RST lab, the driving simulator is equipped with the following sensors:

  • Cameras for skeletal tracking and emotion recognition based on facial expressions.
  • Microphone for speech recognition.
  • SmartEye eye tracking system for gaze tracking and cognitive state detection.
  • Seat pressure sensors for position and activity detection.
  • BIOPAC EEG and ECG sensors for measuring brain and heart activity.
  • Empatica E4 wristband for measuring EDA, PPG and temperature.
Abbildungen der Hardware (Simulator, Sitzmatten, EEG-Gerät, Kameras) © RST​/​TU-Dortmund