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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Flexible Link Demonstrator


Vibrations can occur in a wide variety of mechatronic systems. Since these often cannot be avoided, it is imperative to investigate them and develop concepts that can compensate for or even utilize the vibrations.

Experimental system:

The experimental system used at the chair allows the investigation of vibrations and resonances within a vibration plane. For this purpose, the system consists of a servo and an elastic arm body. Depending on the control of the system, different oscillations of the arm body can be generated. The imprinted vibrations are thereby recorded with strain gauges.


The Flexible Link Demonstrator makes it possible to investigate vibrations within a vibration plane. This includes control concepts for stabilizing vibrations as well as the reaction to possible collisions based on the bending of the elastic arm body.

Furthermore, the experimental system represents a simplified system for vibration investigations, which can be further developed in the robotics project "TUDORA".