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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

34th CI Workshop

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November 21 - 22, 2024

Park Inn Hotel Berlin

The Computational Intelligence Forum (formerly GMA FA Computational Intelligence) organizes the annual CI Workshop in Berlin. The workshop provides a forum for discussing new methodological approaches and industrial and scientific applications in the field of computational intelligence, with a particular focus on automation applications, e.g. in process engineering, energy technology, automotive engineering, robotics, materials and production engineering and medical technology; however, solutions from other application areas are also always of interest. The results will be presented at the workshop and discussed intensively in an open atmosphere. It is a good tradition to present new methodological approaches and ideas at an early stage of development when they are not yet fully mature. To promote young scientists, a Young Author Award is presented annually to recognize the creativity and originality of methodological approaches and particularly successful applications.

33rd CI Workshop

Young AuthorAward: Farzad Rezazadeh (University of Kassel), Fabian Ostermann (TU Dortmund)

Young Author Award Runner-Up: Johannes Brunner (HTW Berlin)

Proceedings 33rd CI Workshop

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