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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

MoFFa - Holistic model for describing task distribution and task handover between human driver and driver assistance system in automated and connected driving.

Aim of the research project: The aim of the project is to develop a mathematical description and evaluation of a holistic model to represent the interactions and interdependencies between the driver and the assistance system for automated and connected driving functions from SAE level 1 to 5.

A key challenge in cooperative automated driving is the design of a suitable interface between the driver and the vehicle. Especially in SAE Level 3, where the driver may be distracted by secondary activities, targeted communication can improve the driver's performance and prevent dangerous situations after and during the transfer of control. The holistic model forms the basis for designing an interaction concept and for defining interfaces. It is suitable for systematic testing of functions for automated and connected driving. The mathematical description of the entire interaction between the driver and the assistance system in the context of the control loops also forms the basis for developing procedures and evaluation methods for maintaining the attention required depending on the degree of automation and for detecting the driver's readiness to take over.



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