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Determination of seat position, movements and relationships of drivers by a pressure sensor system

Grafik zu Sitzposition, Bewegungen und Aktivitäten von Fahrern durch Drucksensoren © RST​/​TU Dort­mund

In-seat position, movements, and activities of drivers contain information about their physical as well as mental state. Tracking the driver's posture can reveal the driver's intention in critical situations where an incorrect driver response may result in harm. Using a pressure sensor, human body posture detection can be achieved.

We use a pressure sensor system to monitor the driver during manual and automated driving modes. The pressure sensors are attached to the backrest and seat, forming an unobtrusive and unrestricted method for measuring the driver's state. Based on the pressure array, the body pressure distribution in different sitting postures is obtained. Body motion patterns of drivers behind the wheel and body pressure distribution provide valuable information about drivers' psychological fatigue, chronic stress and emotions.

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